Warmly celebrate the successful launch of the new website revision of our company

2018-01-01     admin    

      In order to better enhance the company's image, strengthen publicity, create good conditions for the company's operation and development, and better display the company's external image, the official website of Shenzhen Encore Technology Co., Ltd. http://www.szincrease.com was successfully upgraded and revised recently.

The website revision and upgrading, in order to improve the company's image, optimize product promotion, provide customers with quality services, enhance the company's influence for the purpose, the website's column settings, functional design, service content and form of expression have been greatly adjusted, in accordance with the functional partition to reorganize the column section, further integrate the company's information resources to provide customers with more comprehensive, efficient and convenient services.

There are still many shortcomings in the revised website, and we are working hard to improve it. We hope that while browsing, you will leave valuable comments and suggestions, feedback mailbox admin@szincrease.com.

I hope that everyone will continue to pay attention to support and make more valuable comments