HelpED CRRC Dalian 4400 hp AC transmission freight diesel locomotive off the production line

2019-08-30     0823    

        On the morning of August 27, 2019, the latest railway trunk line locomotive product developed by CRRC Dalian Locomotive and Rolling Stock Co., Ltd., the 4400 hp AC transmission freight diesel locomotive, was officially rolled off the production line, marking the "revival" locomotive family ushering in a new member.

    4400 horsepower AC transmission freight diesel locomotive has the characteristics of intelligence, green, environmental protection, etc., the front of the locomotive is equipped with a holding subsidiary - Changsha Generalized Converter Technology Co., Ltd. tailor-made locomotive auxiliary electrical cabinet, the electrical cabinet absorbs the company's past mature project application experience and the use of the company's unique medium frequency intermediate power technology, the overall technical parameters of the product advanced, excellent performance indicators, has been praised by customers and the industry.

        Generalized converter production and manufacture of locomotive auxiliary electrical cabinet in accordance with the new internal combustion locomotive standards to build, the use of SIC switch devices, improve the switching frequency, reduce losses, module working temperature margin increase, by 200kW auxiliary converter module, auxiliary inverter module, charger module, main excitation module and choke inductance and fuse and other components, a number of modules cleverly integrated in the electrical cabinet, to the locomotive auxiliary system to provide a strong electrical energy, with strong performance, light weight, small size, low noise and other advantages.